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【這邊的them是指代誰?以及so difficult to create them absent的句子結構要怎麼看?】

It seems foolish to refuse the offer of an expedient that is both so _____ success and so difficult to create them absent.

A. reminiscent of

B. lacking in

C. distinct from

D. indispensable to

E. inimical to


我們先大致用common sense推測一下可能的語意。 應該可以大致推出 expedient (suitable or convenient for a particular occurrence大致有點像luck, or things that happen at the exact right moment)是成功不可或缺的一部分。

在這邊Absent 出現極為極為少見的用法:等同於介系詞『without』。 因此邏輯上我認為一個解釋得比較好的句子是:If expedient is absent, it will be difficult to create success。換句話來說,這邊語意也可以視同It seems foolish to refuse such luck! (為什麼會說foolish呢?)Well, because luck is super important for success. Without luck/expedient, it is difficult to create success.


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